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Kyabje Locho Rinpoche


Drepung Loseling Monastery Inc., is truly honored to announce that Kyabje Locho Rinpoche will visit our Center.


Tantric Grounds & Paths
October 4-9, 2008

Saturday and Sunday: 2-4 pm and Monday to Thursday: 7-9 pm

During this brief tour of the US, Rinpoche will give this very rare teaching of Yangchen Gawai Lodroe’s classic Tantric Grounds and Paths (ngak gyi sa lam) at Drepung Loseling in Atlanta. This teaching requires a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment.

Vajrasattva Permissory Empowerment
Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 am - 12:30 pm

Meditation on Vajrasattva is one of the most powerful tantric practices for purifying destructive patterns of body, speech and mind that hinder one’s spiritual development and well-being.

Kyabje Locho Rinpoche
Tibet's foremost Tantric master, Kyabje Locho Rinpoche, was born in 1928 in Kham, Eastern Tibet, and was recognized at the age of six as the reincarnation of Gen Locho, a legendary master from the Denma region of Kham. Rinpoche entered Drepung Loseling Monastery in 1939 to study under many of the greatest masters alive at the time. After receiving his Geshe degree – which requires 20 years of study – at the age of 25, he attended Gyume Tantric College. Like his predecessor, the legendary master Gen Locho, he exhibited exceptional skills of learning and practice, and soon achieved realization. With the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 Rinpoche came into exile in India, where he works to preserve Tibet's ancient traditions. He divides his time between Dharamsala, where he guides and trains many great practitioners; the monasteries of South India, where he gives numerous initiations, transmissions and discourses; and travels abroad. He first visited the United States in 1978, when he was invited to teach at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. From 1986 to 1991 Rinpoche was requested by the Dalai Lama to serve as abbot of Namgyal Dratsang, his personal monastery. Later, when the Dalai Lama's senior guru Kyabje Ling Dorjechang passed away and his young reincarnation was discovered, the Dalai Lama appointed Rinpoche as tutor to this most important lama child. Rinpoche is especially renowned as a holder of the Tantric lineages, and as a master of the Tantric yogas.

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