Drepung Loseling Institute - Spiritual Development Program

Drepung Loseling Institute, an affiliate of Emory University, presents

Relativity & Emptiness:
The Buddhist View of Reality

April 22 (10am-6pm)
April 23 (2pm-5pm), 2006

Khen Rinpoche, Abbot of Drepung Loseling Monastery, will teach the foremost Buddhist view of reality based on Je Tsongkhapa’s “In Praise of Relativity.” This short text presents the quintessence of Buddha’s vision - the complementary nature of dependent origination or relativity and emptiness - as the indispensable tool for attaining liberation from samsara and full enlightenment. Je Tsongkhapa distinguishes his unique understanding from the philosophical positions of a broad spectrum of both Buddhist and non-Buddhist schools, and demonstrates how without this unique understanding, the ignorance that is the root of all samsara cannot be transformed.

$165 ($140 for members)

Registration and Payment Deadline: April 17, 2006.
Please call 770-938-9709 to register.

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