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  Regular Activities  

Over the years we have developed a program for the comprehensive study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

If you will be coming for the first time, please see our Newcomer’s Guide, which contains information on proper etiquette.

Please note that due to specially scheduled events, regular events may be cancelled from time to time. Please check the calendar periodically to make sure the event you are planning to attend is taking place as usual.


Basics of Meditation
First Sunday of each month, 11:00am-Noon

Offered on the first Sunday of each month, from 11:00am – Noon, our Basics of Meditation sessions introduce newcomers to the practice of meditation. Each session begins with a talk by Geshe Lobsang Tenzin, Spiritual Director of Drepung Loseling, followed by a guided meditation session. This is a good way to learn about Drepung Loseling and what we have to offer. Dress in comfortable clothing; cushions and chairs are provided.


Sunday Morning Shamatha Meditation
11:00am – Noon, weekly

Shamatha is a simple yet effective meditation method for bringing increased clarity, stability and focus to the mind. The word “shamatha” is Sanskrit for “calm abiding” and refers to the mind’s ability to remain in a peaceful and focused state of awareness on any given object once trained to do so. In these sessions, we learn how to train our mind to calmly abide on whatever object we choose, beginning with the simple incoming and outgoing of our own breath.

Shamatha is not a specifically “Buddhist” meditation, and one does not need to be a Buddhist to practice it. Studies have shown it can help to alleviate stress and promote health and well-being. It is also considered a fundamental practice for those interested in the spiritual path.

Newcomers are always welcome. Instruction is provided in each session, followed by a half-hour meditation. There is no need to bring anything, although it is good if you wear comfortable clothing. Chairs are available for those not comfortable sitting on the floor.

If you enjoy the meditation and wish to learn more, consider attending the Foundation Series (the second retreat is on Shamatha meditation) or one of our other courses on meditation.


Tuesday Evening Public Talks
7:30pm-9:00pm, weekly

This regular public talk every Tuesday evening is our longest-standing program, dating back to Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.’s inception in 1991. It is still one of the best ways to get and stay involved in our activities while learning more about Buddhism.

Each session begins with a greeting and announcements of upcoming events, followed by 5-10 minutes of chanting. The words for the chants are printed on a hand-out for everyone. The chants are done in English, Tibetan and Sanskrit, but the foreign-language chants are printed phonetically so that you can pronounce the words without too much difficulty. The melodies are simple and easy to follow, and you should quickly get the hang of them. The chanting is for the purpose of relaxing mind and body after the work day, and setting a proper motivation to listen to the teaching so that it can be most beneficial for ourselves and others.

The actual teaching follows. Each week covers a different topic of Buddhist thought and practice, and is a self-contained teaching intended to be informative and helpful for both newcomers and experienced students.

Following the teaching is a question and answer period, during which anyone can raise questions.

The teaching is concluded by a few more minutes of chanting and a dedication of the merit for the happiness and welfare of all beings.

You can also browse the Loseling Shop, which contains books, ritual items, CDs and other objects, and the library, which contains books that members can borrow.

See the calendar for the specific topics for each Tuesday evening public talk.


Medicine Buddha Healing Practice
Tuesdays, 6:30-7:15pm

Led by Loseling resident teacher Geshe Ngawang Phende, this practice, associated with the Healing Buddha, helps promote individual, social, environmental and global healing. Please join this communal meditation to enhance healing and well-being for yourself, your friends and family members.

FREE and open to the general public.


Other Regular Practices

The following intermediate and advanced level practices are limited to those who have received the appropriate instructions, transmission or empowerment.

Sunday Morning Vajrasattva
10:00am – 11:00am (restricted)
The meditation on Vajrasattva and recitation of the 100-syllable mantra is a powerful means for purification and the transformation of negative emotions and mental states into positive ones.

This intermediate-level practice is open to those who have received the appropriate empowerment into Vajrasattva.

Sunday Afternoon Vajrayogini / Chakrasamvara Practice
12:30pm-2:00pm, weekly (restricted)

Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara are Highest Yoga Tantra practices, and considered advanced-level practices at Drepung Loseling. They are restricted to those who have received the Vajrayogini and Chakrasamvara empowerments (only the Chakrasamvara empowerment is required to attend the last Sunday of the month, when the Chakrasamvara sadhana is practiced)..


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