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  Newcomer's Guide  

Interested in visiting us for the first time? Or looking for a way to get more involved?

If you haven’t done so already, why not start by attending one of our regular practices, which are open to newcomers and offered free of charge.

Learn more about Tibetan Buddhism at our regular public talks every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Each week covers a different topic.

Learn to meditate at our shamatha meditation sessions, every Sunday morning from 11:00am-Noon. These guided meditation sessions with instruction are designed to help you develop stability, calmness and clarity of mind.

Meditate for the healing of yourself, others, and the world at large at our weekly Medicine Buddha practice from 6:30pm-7:15pm on Tuesday nights. Instruction is provided and newcomers are always welcome.

A full description of our regular activities is available with more detailed information on each one.

If you’d like to go into more depth, you can sign up for one of our courses. We recommend starting with the five part Foundation Series retreat, offered twice a year. These meet the second Saturday of each month and cover the basic principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism. They are usually preceded by a one-day introductory class called “Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.” Any retreat can be taken independently – you need not attend all five. So, if the series has already begun, you may join at any time.

We offer a number of other special courses during the year that you can also register for. Check our calendar for updates on these or sign up to our email list.


Resources and Recommended Reading

Geshe Lobsang Tenzin, our Spiritual Director, has recommended five books to accompany the Foundation Series, and the Gift Shop at the center carries these as well as a wide selection of other books for further study. Members have borrowing privileges to the center’s library, which contains several hundred books, CDs and videos.

We also offer a number of teachings in audio CD format. If you are getting started, you might consider ordering and listening to the “Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism” and “Foundation Series” recordings by Geshe Lobsang Tenzin.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers



Etiquette for Visiting the Center

Events at Drepung Loseling Monastery are casual in general, but there are a few points of etiquette you may want to be aware of to avoid confusion:

Kindly remove your shoes and place them in the shoe rack before entering the shrine room.

Please rise in respect as the teacher enters the room, and wait until the teacher sits to be seated yourself. Please rise again at the end of the teaching when the teacher rises to leave.

Some people will bow in respect with their hands folded when the teacher walks by, and some will prostrate before and after the teaching. This is a sign of humility and respect for the teachings, and not an act of worship. You may feel free to bow and prostrate if you feel comfortable doing so, but you are not required to.

In the Tibetan tradition, it is considered impolite to stretch your legs towards the shrine or a teacher or to point the soles of your feet in their direction.
Out of respect, please do not place any Buddhist texts, images, or items (including handouts) directly on the floor or cushions. We have cloths available to place below your texts and items and you may ask for one.
Dress code is casual but respectful. You may wish to wear something comfortable, as you may be sitting for long periods of time.

Please hold your questions and comments until the end of the teaching when there will be a question and answer period.
If the microphone is being passed around, please wait until you receive it to ask your question. This facilitates the recording made for those who couldn’t make it to the teaching.

If you don’t know, just ask! Members and staff persons will be happy to answer your questions. You can also email us at and take a look at our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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