Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.

Volunteer Opportunities

To provide the essential support
needed for our beautiful new center, we invite our members to share their time and talents. Without you, this center would not be here and with you, we will sustain its mission and vision.

Below is a list of areas that require volunteer help. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Application.


Volunteers are needed to man the reception desk and provide information (as needed to visitors or over the phone) regarding all programs Drepung Loseling has initiated and currently manage. We will also require docents to lead visitors, school groups or tour groups through Loseling’s Art Gallery, Prayer Hall and Facility. This will entail educating visitors on the art exhibits, identifying and explaining the meanings of the thangkas, statues, etc. and explaining the vision of this Center. All docents will be required to undergo extensive training to ensure they provide complete and accurate information to the community. Several volunteers are needed to greet people during public talks, Sunday meditation, and special events. Newcomers are very important to our center’s growth and having them feel comfortable and welcome to our community is a key goal of the Greeter.

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to oversee the library during public hours and help check-out books, update and maintain book inventory, assist users and help maintain the library in a neat and organized condition.

Administrative support in the areas of data entry, filing, and general administrative assistance is needed for the daily operations of the Tibetan Studies and Practice Programs as well as the Culture and Preservation Programs. This is a great way to learn more about the various programs Loseling has initiated and managed over the past 16 years and to get to know our friendly staff members, teachers and monks.

Public Relations & Marketing
As we develop new programs and activities in the Atlanta community, we are looking for volunteers to help bring awareness of our new Center, its educational programs, cultural programs and services to the community. Volunteers in the Public Relations area will assist Drepung Loseling in developing and strengthening community relationships with individuals, organizations and institutions through community partnerships, outreach programs and activities. Volunteers in the Marketing area will assist staff members in creating, distributing and mailing marketing materials to increase exposure in the community.

Facility & Grounds Maintenance
A larger facility requires more upkeep and we’re in constant need of volunteers willing to take a few hours to help maintain the facility and grounds in a safe, clean and presentable condition.

Fundraising is an essential part of any non-profit organization and we welcome any assistance with fundraising events, ideas and support to help raise funds to sustain current programs and develop new programs and initiatives that would benefit individuals and the community.

Special Events
We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers willing to assist our staff in putting together annual and special events. We may require volunteers for additional roles in pre-event preparation and setup to post-event cleanup and follow ups. Volunteers may be needed for registration, mailings, flyer distributions, data entry, food preparation, event activities, parking management and facility preparation, etc. to facilitate and ensure a successful event for the community.

If you have computer or audio / visual experience and wish to help, please contact us.

Tibetan Traditions (Book & Gift Shop)

Tibetan Traditions is one of Drepung Loseling’s Culture and Preservation Programs to help support the Tibetan and Himalayan artisans by purchasing and importing their products. In addition the sale of Tibetan Traditions products helps to raise funds to support over 3,000 monks residing at Drepung Loseling Monastery in India so they can continue to educate and preserve their ancient spiritual teachings and traditions outside Tibet. Volunteers are needed to help staff members in the operations of the shop by assisting customers with their needs, stocking and pricing merchandise, assisting with sales and helping to maintain a clean and organized appearance.