DLM - Spiritual Development Program
Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.
an affiliate of Emory University, presents
Medicine Buddha Retreat

Saturday, March 27, 2021
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Taught by
Geshe Ngawang Phende


The Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of the enlightened healing principle. This practice activates our inherent healing potentials that promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
The meditation and practices associated with this deity focuses on bringing about individual, social, environmental, and global healing.
During this pandemic time, the Medicine Buddha practice is relevant to encourage external healing and to heal one’s own internal mental issues like stress and anxiety.

Resident teacher Geshe Ngawang Phende will compare the practice with tonglen meditation and how it ties into the Three Principle Aspects of the Path. The Medicine Buddha practice sadhana will be provided along with a teaching into the practice and guided meditation.

This event is open to the general public. There are no pre-requisites for this practice.
Daily Schedule
1st Session :
  10 am - Noon
Lunch Break :
  Noon - 2 pm
2nd Session :
  2 - 4 pm

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  $58 for DLM Members / $65 for non-members
    A voluntary offering to the teacher is customary in
the Buddhist tradition.
   On-line retreat via Zoom

  Geshe Ngawang Phende was born in Nepal in 1968. As a young boy he entered Drubthob Rinpoche’s monastery in Nepal where he received his initial monastic training. He joined Drepung Loseling Monastery, south India in 1982 at the age of 12, where he successfully completed his monastic education and passed the Geshe Lharampa examination in 2001. He then attended Guymey Monastery for further Tantric studies and stayed there for a year. Geshe Ngawang was the resident teacher at the Lam Rim Tibetan Buddhist Center in Johannesburg, South Africa for nearly four years. Twice he has been on the Mystical Arts of Tibet tour and at present is one of the resident teachers at DLM.

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