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  Prayer Services for
Geshe Dadul Namgyal's
Safe Return
  Drepung Loseling Monastery India
& Atlanta, GA
  To our Drepung Loseling Community,  
  Many of you have heard the sad news that our dear friend and teacher, Geshe Dadul Namgyal la, has been missing since Tuesday, November 7. For those of you who may be learning about this for the first time, Geshe Dadul la left to take a walk that afternoon and did not return as expected to Sravasti Abbey, a monastic community in Newport, Washington, where he has been residing as a teacher. The Pend Oreille County Sherriff's office responded immediately along with dozens of search and rescue volunteers who have helped the Abbey residents comb the area using drones, trained canine trackers, and helicopters, to no avail.  
  I first learned of the situation late Wednesday from Geshe la’s brother, Mr. Tsepak Rigzin la, who lives here in Atlanta. I immediately contacted the Abbey to see if it would be alright for me to inform the monastery in India and to request prayers on his behalf. As soon as I heard back from the Abbey on Thursday, I reached out to the monastery administrators in India to urgently request prayers. On Friday, senior monks and Rinpoches gathered to perform the trinchol rites in the Dharmapala shrine, requesting the dharma protectors for their assistance on Geshe la’s behalf. On Saturday, when the full assembly of monks was scheduled to gather in the main prayer hall, prayers were again said for Geshe la’s well-being. And on Sunday, an even more extensive Dharmapala puja, the trosol, was performed on his behalf. In addition, the monks here in Atlanta, as well as the monks of Geshe Dadul la’s khangtsen in India, Guge House, have daily performed extensive prayers. Others around the world have also joined in including, of course, Sravasti Abbey.  
  The situation is deeply disturbing as no clues have yet arisen as to Geshe la’s whereabouts. I know that he is a cherished friend and teacher for our community, as well as for many others in dozens of places around the world where Geshe la has taught. He is, without saying, an incredible person and teacher of the highest caliber and integrity. In such a troubling and uncertain situation, we must rely on our practice and not succumb to despair. Please keep him in your daily prayers and dedications as your personal practice is the best way to channel your concern.  
  On a personal note, Geshe Dadul la has been my close friend since our teenage years at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics. Later we studied for our Geshe degrees together at Drepung Loseling, and eventually found ourselves working together both at Emory University and at Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc. here in Atlanta. It is my fervent hope that he will be returned safely soon to continue illuminating the path for others through his scholarship, compassion, warmth and good humor.  
  As we wait for news, I wanted to share these short clips of the pujas performed in India. I hope they will bring a measure of comfort and solace. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the local sheriff’s department and the many volunteers who have been part of the search. We extend our love and compassion to Geshe la’s family, to the community as Sravasti Abbey, and to all who know, love and respect him.  
  Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi
  Founder & Spiritual Director  
Video: Friday, Nov 10
Dharmapala Puja "Trinchol" at DLM, India (~1:40 min)
Video: Saturday Nov 11
Entire Assembly at DLM, India performing Puja for Geshe Dadul la (~ 1 minute)
Video: Sunday, Nov 12
Dharmapala Puja "Trosol" (~3:25 min)
Video: Monday, Nov 13
Puja at DLM, Atlanta (~ One hour)
Video: Tuesday, Nov 14
Message from Geshe Dadul-la's family (Tibetan with English subtitles)
Sravasti Abbey has created a page on their website for updates on Geshe Dadul as they receive them.

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