Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.
Etiquette at the Monastery

Please note that this etiquette is asked of you primarily to benefit your mind, those of others around you, and to maintain harmony and purity in the Dharma together.
     IIt is customary to remove your shoes before entering the Meditation Hall. We have a room for this purpose and the greeters will direct you to (clean bare feet or clean socks are acceptable).
  Wear appropriate, non-revealing clothing while attending teachings, retreats, or practices. Ensure chest and shoulders are covered appropriately; Avoid shorts and miniskirts. No hats.
  If you feel comfortable and is part of your practice, you can do 3 prostrations upon entering the Meditation Hall.
  Cultivate respect for the teachings, the teacher, and your fellow students by aiming to arrive early. Stand when the teacher enters the prayer hall.
  Turn your phone off or to silent.
  Do not wear heavily scented body/hair enhancements (i.e. perfume, cologne, etc.)
  During the teachings please sit respectfully. Please do not point your feet towards the teacher, altar or holy objects. Do not lie down during the teachings. If you need to rest, you can lean against the wall or sit in a chair.
  Greet monks and nuns with palms together and bowing. Do not hug monks and nuns.
  Respect Dharma books, texts and holy objects as if they were Buddha. Please do not step over Dharma materials, place them on the floor, or on your seat, unless they rest on a clean cloth. Please do not place items on top of Dharma books/materials.
  If you are bringing a child with you, ensure they are supervised by an adult at all times for their safety. The center does not provide child care.
Our community is sustained through the generosity of our visitors.
Please consider a monetary offering when participating in a program or service.