Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.
DLM Dolls Exhibition
The Loseling Dolls
Sharing the Culture & Tradition
of Tibet

The Loseling Gallery is now home to over 200 handcrafted dolls depicting the culture and tradition of Tibet. These handcrafted, mini-masterpieces celebrate the distinct and diverse cultural identity of Tibetans as manifested in an astonishing variety of secular and religious dress.


Part ethnographic record, part delightful artistic experience, each doll will charm visitors with its individual personality, as well as by the lovingly crafted details of its dress.
The artists who crafted the dolls, Geshe Pema Ludup and Geshe Yeshe Thokme spent a few years creating these dolls for our center here in Atlanta and is the only location in North America to have the complete collection of these dolls.
Please check DLM Public Hours for when you can come see these beautiful dolls.

Guided school and group tours can also be arranged by writing or calling us at:
Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.
1781 Dresden Drive NE - Atlanta, GA 30319
Phone (404) 982-0051
E-mail: center@drepung.org
Video Link: CNN video: Preserving Tibetan culture
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