What is the Eightfold Path?

This is the path leading to the release from suffering. The eight parts of the path are 1) right view, vbased on understanding of the Four Noble Truths and the interdependence of origination (i.e., nothing has intrinsic meaning or value), 2) right resolve or effort, in favor of renunciation, good will, and nonharming of sentient beings, 3) right speech, or avoidance of lying, slander, and gossip, 4) right action, or taking the sufficient steps toward freedom from suffering and attaining nirvana, 5) right livelihood, or avoidance of professions that are harmful to sentient beings, 6) right effort, or cultivation of what is karmically wholesome and avoidance of what is karmically unwholesome, 7) right mindfulness, or ongoing mindfulness of body, feelings, thinking, and objects of thought, and 8)right concentration, which finds its highpoint in meditative absorption.

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