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The Enlightened Gene:
Biology, Buddhism and the Convergence that Explains the World

Join author and biologist
Dr. Arri Eisen, ETSI translator Tsondue Samphel, and ETSI student and nun, Ven. Thukten Dema for a fascinating conversation!

Book signing and reception
to follow!

Sunday, November 12, 2017
2:00-4:00 pm

Drepung Loseling Monastery
Meditation Hall


In The Enlightened Gene, Emory University Professor Dr. Arri Eisen, together with monk Geshe Yungdrung Konchok explore the striking ways in which the integration of Buddhism with cutting-edge discoveries in the biological sciences can change our understanding of life and how we live it. What this book discovers along the way will fundamentally change the way you think.

Are humans inherently good? Where does compassion come from? Is death essential for life? Is experience inherited? These questions have occupied philosophers, religious thinkers and scientists since the dawn of civilization, but in today’s political discourse, much of the dialogue surrounding them and larger issues are often framed as a dichotomy of science versus spirituality.

The Enlightened Gene opens up and lays a foundation for serious conversations, integrating science and spirit in tackling life’s big questions. Each chapter integrates Buddhism and biology and uses striking examples of how doing so changes our understanding of life and how we lead it.



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