Drepung Loseling Monastery

Welcomes the return of
Flying Mystics
Music for the Body Mind Spirit

Saturday May 6, 2017 - 8:00 pm


$20 Admission - Doors open at 7:30 pm

Hear beautiful music & support the center!
  Flying Mystics creates music that takes one on a journey that is at once esoteric and visionary while remaining sensually intense and spiritually powerful. Shamanic, sonic healing, higher consciousness and world music are common descriptions of the unique cultural fusion of sounds this instrumental trio creates. These talented musicians present their original and transporting music as an offering to the listener.  

Their first release, Begin Within, has became a classic, their YouTube music video Mt. Kailash has over 200,000 views. Their second CD Amazon Flower, has gained very enthusiastic response, and they just released their third CD Cosmic Lotus. Flying Mystics continue to actively support their music through their vibrant live performances including appearances with R. Carlos Nakai, Peter Kater, Alex Grey and the Drepung Loseling Monks of The Mystical Arts of Tibet. Recently they received the “Healing Sound Ambassador” award from the International Sound Therapy Association for their contribution to the field.

Whether playing temples, festivals, cultural events, yoga studios or house concerts, Flying Mystics appeal to the spiritual roots of the world, creating music that reminds us of our mystical origins.


Jose Morelli


Todd Roderick
drums & percussion

Flournoy Holmes
flutes & percussion






With the Tibetan Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery
“Visionary Musical Shamans”
–International Sound Therapy Association
“A New Paradigm in Music,
which incorporates Healing and
Spiritual Dimensions”

–Aquarius Magazine

“The Flying Mystics indeed live up to their name.
Their music is created beyond expectations,
transporting the listener high into the spacious world
of joy, freedom, and beauty.”

–Glenn H. Mullin
Buddhist author & meditation teacher


Enjoy this video from Flying Mystics:
Flying Mystics - 7th Wave