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Cognitive-Based Compassion Training (CBCT)
Teacher Training Program: Level One

First training session meets: January 29th and 30th, and February 5th and 6th

Drepung Loseling Monastery, Inc.
1781 Dresden Drive; Atlanta, GA 30319


Applications Are Closed


Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi will lead this two-weekend long Program Intensive for individuals interested in learning the theory and practice of the CBCT program and deepening their meditation practice. This is the first of three required components of the Teacher Training Program, Level One.

Historical Background

  Beginning in 2005, Dr. Raison and Geshe Lobsang initiated a series of meditation research studies at Emory University. These studies examined the effects on compassion meditation on depression, the immune system, and physiological inflammatory responses in Emory undergraduates. The first paper to be published from this work appeared in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology in 2008 under the title “Effect of compassion meditation on neuroendocrine, innate immune and behavioral responses to psychosocial stress.”  
  Drs. Negi and Raison have received funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM, a division of the National Institutes of Health) to extend this work into an adult population. Promising results from the compassion meditation study conducted at Emory attracted the attention of leaders in education, medicine, and the Atlanta foster care system. A team of researchers at Emory has been piloting compassion-based programs in these settings over the past two years and the preliminary results are encouraging. We are eager to begin training other qualified teachers to meet the needs of these growing programs.  

To that end, we have developed the CBCT Teacher Training Program to introduce participants to the theory of the CBCT program, explore effective contemplative pedagogy, understand the needs of the various populations we work with, and deepen their meditation practice. Level One of the CBCT Teacher Training Program includes two weekend intensives, two retreats and a practicum.

Class Requisites

  It is important to note that this is not a certification program. The art of teaching is an ongoing developmental process. The Training Program affords individuals an opportunity to explore CBCT theory and pedagogy. Completion of the training program does not guarantee an instructor position in any of our ongoing studies. Based on need and the discretion of the Training Director, participants who successfully complete Level One and demonstrate sufficient supplementary pedagogical and/or clinical skills may be invited to participate in Level Two, which includes a Teaching Assistantship and Supervision.  

If you are interested in deepening your meditation practice and learning more about the theory of CBCT and effective pedagogy, this program may be of interest to you. Please read through the prerequisites and learning objectives below for more information. Though this program is open to those who simply wish to deepen their personal practice, preference will be given to those who demonstrate a strong commitment to teaching, as space is limited.

Individuals must meet the following pre-requisites in order to be considered for admission:

  (1) A personal meditation practice (minimum of one year);  
  (2) Participation in at least one week-long meditation retreat;  

(3) Ongoing commitment to exploring and deepening your own practice.

We understand that some teachers and clinicians with years of experience in the fields in which we are working may not have the required meditation training. Therefore, in cases in which comparable pedagogical and/or clinical experience is demonstrated, one may be admitted to the program without the required meditation experience. The trainee, however, must fulfill these requirements before the Level One Teacher Training diploma is awarded.

Applications for this class are closed. If you wish to receive future information on these programs please subscribe to our mailing list.

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